About Brain Pages

Welcome to the new and improved Brain Pages – your one stop destination for all things brain. Whether you’re looking for brain games, brain teasers, optical illusions or the latest brain training, we have you covered.

Looking for help in your area? Our brain friendly directory gives you immediate access to local doctors, therapists and experts in your area of need.

About the Founder

Erin Matlock is founder and CEO of Brain Pages Inc, a new media company specializing in the ethical and honest promotion of brain health and mental health products, resources and professionals.

What started as a small “brain blog” that she ran from her kitchen table has turned into an innovative multi-site network that receives over 1.5 million visitors each year.

Image of Erin MatlockShe is a dedicated advocate for brain health and mental health consumers, is a life member of Mensa and has a unique understanding of exactly what makes individuals step up and move forward with a product or service.

She consults with businesses, organizations and individual providers – teaching them how to develop and position their marketing messages to build strong and lasting relationships with consumers.

Erin advises high profile CEOs, MDs, PhDs, therapists, small business owners, authors, speakers and trainers.

She has been utilized as a expert source by major media outlets such as the BBC, the San francisco Chronicle and the Livestrong Foundation.