Join Our Facebook Group

Our private Facebook peer group is a positive, safe space for community members to support each other. Any Impact Inner Circle member in good standing is welcome to join the group without any paid dues.

Check out our guidelines to make sure it’s a place for you:

Give First

Impact members are naturally helpers. This group exists so we can all lift each other up to success, and that means answering questions if you have an answer, sharing things that have worked for you and lending encouragement when a member has a tough day.


True leaders respect people’s business. In order for this group to work, we must all keep the information shared private. Everyone has a unique platform with unique ideas. Please do not copy or steal anyone’s intellectual property. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect, and we will remove you from the group.

Don’t Sell

This is absolutely not the place to post your workshops, events, business opportunities etc. in hopes of recruiting new members, clients, patients or customers. This is the place to get support and encouragement as you use your own online platform to recruit new members, clients, patients or customers.

Be Kind

Impact members are positive, giving, smart and ready to take their position as a global leader. We work extremely hard to keep our community free of nasty negativity and toxic energy. Please help us preserve the happy atmosphere.

Jump In

Leaders don’t sit on the sidelines. Jump right in and start talking — you’ll be glad you did! We are all looking forward to getting to know you, and we want to support you in the development and growth of your global platform.

Ready to join us? Click here to go to our private group and then click the button that says “Join Group”. We will receive notification and will add you as an active member.