Can You Spot The Ten Faces In The Tree?


Ten Faces In A Tree


  1. Clearly10.. where are the rest 3 ???@@

  2. There are only 10 faces and are of famous people, anything else is just false image

  3. 10, the squinting bald man is highly suspicious!

  4. 12, the last two face is on the left and right sides, a big face with shoulder

    • Meriale says:

      Did some of you even bother to read this article, the true and real answer is in the title of the page…”Can You Spot The Ten Faces In The Tree?”… this is part of a Mensa psychological test. How in the world are people not understanding that these faces are of famous men in history…not weird face type edging. You are suppose to be able to identify the 10 men in the tree. Not how many faces your mind can conjure from the rough sketching.

  5. It clearly says there are ten faces.

  6. Albert Einstein says:


  7. Felix Lim says:

    How many faces are in that family tree? I can only see 10

  8. Christina says:

    There are only ten. That’s why it says “Can you spot the ten faces?” Everything else is not really there.

  9. i see 10 faces of famous people only.

  10. 15

  11. I see 14. I would like to know how many there really are. And do I count the elephant?

  12. I found 15 so far

  13. I can see 13

  14. I also see 11 faces

  15. Everybody says I’m nutts but I can find 12 faces not just 10 and I wanted to know how many are there for sure

  16. yes I can see the faces… cleverly done