The Democrat and Republican Optical Illusion

  Election day is quickly approaching and I thought a Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant optical illusion might be appropriate. Below you can easily see a donkey, but can you also spot the elephant? (If you like this, feel free to save this picture to your computer, email it or post it on Facebook.)   […]

Are These Two Faces The Same?

Look closely. Are these two versions of the Mona Lisa the same? You may need to turn your screen upside down to figure this one out.     Click here for the solution. Brain Pages

Who Is The Famous Face Behind These Lines?

Can you spot the famous face hidden in this visual illusion?     Brain Pages

The Violin And The Lake

I stumbled onto this gorgeous optical illusion that is sure to delight our music lovers. At first glance it appears to be a serene photo of a lake, but upon further inspection you should see that the islands – and their reflection – are in the shape of a violin. Brain Pages

Can You Spot The Ten Faces In The Tree?

  Brain Pages

The Elephant Illusion

There’s something not quite right about the elephant below. Can you see it? How many legs does it really have? The elephant illusion is an adaptation of the original which was created by Roger Shepard and published in his book Mind Sights (1990, WH Freeman&Co). Shepard calls this type of illustration a Figure-Ground Impossibility because […]

Do You See A Frog Or A Horse?

  Double meaning optical illusions are some of my favorites, and this selection is one of the best on the web. Look closely. It’s easy to spot the frog, but can you also spot the horse?   Brain Pages