Brain Games

Brain games are cognitive calisthenics, brain body-building, genius gymnastics…essentially fun workouts for your brain.
The brain might not be a muscle but it does need mental fitness, in order to strengthen neurons and their neural connections.
The brain-challenging exercises that ‘challenge’ the mind are those that cause it to step out of autopilot and begin to think originally
again. These ‘challenges’ can be out-of-the-box-thinking games, brain teasers, non-traditional math, logic problems, and the like.

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Memory Games

Memory is a vital cognitive task that empowers us to properly store and retrieve information when needed. Without it life would be like a
name tag-mix up at a pancake breakfast. Memory games can help us with overall learning, recognition, manipulating data, remembering
names and intelligence—skills that help us perform daily tasks better.

Attention Games

Attention is the basis of all learning and the central gateway for processing information. Attention-oriented games can help us to better
process data and improve our overall attention spans and focus.

Executive Function Games

Executive function skills are the key to the prioritization abilities that allow us to plan, solve problems, be adaptable and make good decisions. Without them life would be like a procrastinators meeting that starts ‘later’. Games that help with executive functioning help to ensure
we properly respond to life’s little curve balls.

Logic & Reasoning Games

Logic and reasoning are important – without them modern life and society would cease to function. Without them we would never
have had Mister Spock. Games that reinforce these skills are keys to making better decisions and having stronger abstract thinking abilities.