Register for the Free Tapping World Summit

  Today, registration officially opens for the Tapping World Summit 2013. This is a free online event that you can attend right from your own computer. Over 500,000 people have already attended the Tapping World Summit. It is one of the largest and most respected wellness events on the web. CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR […]

A Personal Letter For Christmas

  Below is a letter I wrote and sent to this community two years ago on Christmas day. On a day I thought no one was listening, I received hundreds of replies. Replies from those of you who vowed to check in on others that day and replies from those of you who desperately needed […]

5 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is Good For Your Brain

healthy thanksgiving tips

  Ah, Thanksgiving, a time of gratitude, blessings, and a side of volcanic mashed potatoes spewing with gravy lava. This holiday ranks high in favorites amongst many Americans and for good reason too; after all, nothing is more precious than spending quality time with those you love most, albeit neck high in turkey stuffing and […]

Brainpower For Success Free Online Summit

Brainpower Summit

  Our friend, Jim Kwik – world famous memory trainer and creator of Super Hero You, is hosting a free online summit called Brainpower For Success. 12 world renown experts will share life changing information during this week long event. Seats are limited. Click here to register for free. Here’s just some of what you’ll […]

Brain Teaser #1 SOLUTION

  The correct answer is #3.

Two Faces – SOLUTION

Image of Mona Lisa Illusion Solution

We’re you correct?  

Word Picture Puzzles #2 – SOLUTION

  Solution: Uphill Battle

Word Picture Puzzle #1 – SOLUTION

      Solution: Bending Over Backwards For You