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Erin Matlock is founder and CEO of Brain Pages Inc, a new-media company specializing in the ethical and honest promotion of brain health and mental health professionals, products and resources. She is a life member of Mensa and served as an official testing proctor for the organization. She consults with businesses, organizations and individual providers – teaching them how to develop and position their marketing messages to build strong and lasting relationships with consumers.

5 Steps To Stop Fear In Its Tracks

    I rarely write publicly of my struggles with severe depression and anxiety. For several years, I have been answering reader questions privately via email, and I hope that by blogging about it here, more of you will find the help you are looking for. During my recovery, I not only learned powerful tools […]

A Prescription For Good Mood Food

  In our fast-paced world, it’s understandable that we seek the fastest solution to a problem. Advances in pharmacology have extended and improved the quality of millions of lives. But could we be reaching for a prescription bottle too often, forgoing other remedies that are within our own reach? When Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist […]

“Going With The Flow” Never Felt Like This Before

  “Go with the flow.” Accept, adapt and move forward. It’s what we tell ourselves when life takes a curve in a direction we didn’t expect. But it would surely have a much different meaning to researchers studying what’s happening in the brain when people achieve great things. In that arena, “flow” is the term […]

Poor Memory – Or Is It All In Your Head?

  Some people seem to be born with a great memory while others seem to struggle. How well we remember things makes a huge difference in how well we do in school and even how successfully we navigate life. Jim Kwik was not one of those people who seemed to be born with a great […]

Register for the Free Tapping World Summit

  Today, registration officially opens for the Tapping World Summit 2013. This is a free online event that you can attend right from your own computer. Over 500,000 people have already attended the Tapping World Summit. It is one of the largest and most respected wellness events on the web. CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR […]

A Personal Letter For Christmas

  Below is a letter I wrote and sent to this community two years ago on Christmas day. On a day I thought no one was listening, I received hundreds of replies. Replies from those of you who vowed to check in on others that day and replies from those of you who desperately needed […]

Brainpower For Success Free Online Summit

Brainpower Summit

  Our friend, Jim Kwik – world famous memory trainer and creator of Super Hero You, is hosting a free online summit called Brainpower For Success. 12 world renown experts will share life changing information during this week long event. Seats are limited. Click here to register for free. Here’s just some of what you’ll […]

Word Games #1 – Halloween

  How quickly can you solve this Halloween Word Game? Change just one letter per line to go from MASK to BATS. Click here for the solution.

The Democrat and Republican Optical Illusion

Democrat and Republican Optical Illusion

  Election day is quickly approaching and I thought a Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant optical illusion might be appropriate. Below you can easily see a donkey, but can you also spot the elephant? (If you like this, feel free to save this picture to your computer, email it or post it on Facebook.)   […]

Word Search Puzzle #3 – Halloween

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search How quickly can you find five Halloween related words?   Click here for the solution.