Do You See A Frog Or A Horse?

Double meaning optical illusions are some of my favorites, and this selection is one of the best on the web.

Look closely. It’s easy to spot the frog, but can you also spot the horse?

Frog and Horse Double Meaning Optical Illusion

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Erin Matlock, Founder

Erin Matlock, Founder

Erin Matlock is founder and CEO of Brain Pages Inc, a new-media company specializing in the ethical and honest promotion of brain health and mental health professionals, products and resources. She is a life member of Mensa and served as an official testing proctor for the organization. She consults with businesses, organizations and individual providers – teaching them how to develop and position their marketing messages to build strong and lasting relationships with consumers.
Erin Matlock, Founder
Erin Matlock, Founder
Erin Matlock, Founder


  1. Initially I was trying to locate a horse with four legs, but didn’t see any. Then I decided to start from the head.

    • Paul McMahon says:

      Same I was tring to find the horse with legs, but couldnt see it. I had to cheat. Help: you have to turn it around

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